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American Model Yachting Associatioin


The Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club

Anthology of Ship Model Plans


The Association of Model Submariners


The Australian Radio Yachting Association


Ayr Model Boat Club


Building Model Boats


Christchurch Model Yachting


Custom Paper Pocket Yachts


The Fiesta Owners Association


Fine Art Models


Fleetwood Model Yacht & Power Boat Club


FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat Plans


Free Model Steam Engine Plans


Frequently Asked Questions -- Ship Models


Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club


Haagse Model Boat Club


Hampton Roads Ship Model Society


Historic Ships


John Dowd, Sailing the Web


Kent Hobson


Kiwi Model Yachting


Lou Coatney





Malta Society of Model Makers


Marine Modelling International Magazine


Model Boat Clubs (List of)


Model Boats Magazine AND forum


Model Engines Info




Model Ship Builder


Model Shipwrights


Model Warships


Nautical Research Guild


Naval History Magazine


NavSource Naval History

Photographic History of the U.S. Navy


NLE Index


North Texas Ship Modelers


Northwest RC Ship Modellers


Olivier Bello Arsenal Modelist




Paderewski Model Yacht Club


Pond Yachts


Poole Radio Yacht Club


Pop-Pop Boat


Pop Pop Man


The Pop-Pop Pages


Portland Model Power Boat Association


RC Boat Guide


Remotor Boater


Ride in Model Tugboats

A different look at models


Scale Sailing


Scottish Federation of Model Boat Clubs AND forum


SeaWatch Books


Seaworthy Small Ships


Sheffield Ship Model Society


Ship Modelers


Ship Modeler's Desktop


Solid Model Memories


Southwater Dabblers Model Yacht Club


Steam Engine and Stirling Engine Plans


Swiss Mini Sail


Tippecanoe Boats


Titanic Research & Modeling Association


Vintage Model Yacht Group


U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group


Wooden Ship Modeling for Dummies


Your Model Boats Website


Yahoo Groups (Forums)

Scale Sail And Cruising


Seaways Ship modeling List


Ship Modelers


Warrior Group


Model Boats


Manned Model Ships International


Toy Outboard Motors


Beginner model Ship Help


Manned Model Ships International


Other Forums

The Association of Model Submariners Forum


AsTec Models Forum


Florida Association of Model Engineers


Maritime Half Hull Ship Models and Nautical Art Forum


Model Boat Mayhem Forum


Model Boats Magazine Forum


Model Ship Builder Forum


Model Ship World Forum


Model Tug Forum


RC Groups


RC Sailing Forum


RC Sailing Net


Ship Modelling Forum


The Ship Model Forum



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