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Plans by Mike John

Model Boats Bibliography

Free Old Books Online


The Boats of the "Glen Carrig", byWilliam Hope Hodgson (FREE)


The Boy's Book of Boats (1868) by William H. G. Kingston (FREE)



Boys' Book of Model Boats, by Raymond Francis Yates (FREE)


The boy's own book of boats: With Complete Instructions [on] how to Make Sailing Models (1868) William Henry Giles Kingston (FREE)


The forms of ships and boats: Hints experimentally derived on some of the ... By William Bland (FREE)


Knots, Splices and Rope Work (FREE)


The Life-Boat; or Journal of the National Life-Boat Institution (FREE)


Man on the Ocean by R.M. Ballantyne. [1874] (FREE)


The Migrations of an American Boat Type, by Howard I. Chapelle


Men, Women, and Boats, by Stephen Crane


Model boat building, edited by F. J. Camm (FREE)


The Model Dockyard Handy-Book edited by Joseph Lawrence (FREE)


Models of ships and boats (1913) by Reisner, George Andrew (FREE)


Model making, including workshop practice, design and construction... Yates, Raymond F. ed. (FREE)


Model sailing boats, their design, building and sailing, by Hobbs, Edward W. (FREE)


Model yachts and model yacht sailing, how to build, rig. and sail a self-acting model yacht (1880) by James E. Walton (FREE)


The sailing boat: a description of English and foreign boats By Henry Coleman Folkard (FREE)


The Sailor's Word-Book: An Alphabetical Digest Of Nautical Terms, [1867?].


Submarine Warfare of To-day, by Charles W. Domville-Fife


The Submarine Boys on Duty Life of a Diving Torpedo Boat by Victor G. Durham


A Treatise on the Construction, Rigging & Handling of Model Yachts, Ships & Steamers, with ... (1883) by Tyrrel E. Biddle (FREE)



FREE Nautical Stories


Adrift in a Boat, by W. H. G. Kingston


The Call of the South, by Louis Becke


The Cannibal Islands, by R. M. Ballantyne


The Ebbing of the Tide, by Louis Becke


Foster's Letter of Marque, by Louis Becke


Frank on a Gun-Boat, by Harry Castlemon


A House-Boat on the Styx, by John Kendrick Bangs


The Lifeboat by R.M. Ballantyne [1872?].


A Narrative Of The Mutiny, by Lieutenant William Bligh


Navy Boys Behind the Big Guns, by Halsey Davidson


Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome [1889?].


The U-boat hunters, by James B. Connolly


The Voyage Alone in the Yawl "Rob Roy", by John MacGregor, 1893.


Boat Modelling Books by Vic Smeed


Boat modelling: an introduction to the fast growing hobby of model boating. Vic E Smeed King's Langley, Eng. : Model and Allied Publishers, 1956.


Boat modelling. Vic Ernest Smeed, Argus Books, 1985.


Introducing Radio Control Model Boats. V E Smeed, Hemel Hempstead: Argus Books, 1983. There is an updated 1996 edition.


Model Ships. V E Smeed, London: Hamlyn, 1979.


Model Yachting. V E Smeed, Rickmansworth (P. O. Box 6, Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 4RE) : The author, 1977.


Power model boats. V E Smeed, Kings Langley: Model and Allied Publications, 1976.


Radio control for model boats. Philip Connolly; V E Smeed, Hemel Hempstead : Model & Allied Publications, 1970.


Scale model ships. V E Smeed, Argus Books, 1988.


Simple model yachts. V E Smeed, Hemel Hempstead: Model & Allied Publications, [1970]


The world of model ships. V E Smeed, Secaucus, N. J. : Chartwell Books, 1979.


Books and Journals on Boat Modelling


What follows is the most comprehensive list of books and magazines I could manage on ship or boat models. Some of these books are quite obscure and impossibly hard to find. The list is by title. Listings without an author are usally journals or magazines. They are mostly at the end. If there are several editions to a book, I listed the most recent.

0 Russell Potts. 100 years of the 10 rater rule London: Curved Air, 1990.

Arnold Kriegstein. 17th and 18th century ship models from the Kriegstein Collection Piermont, N. Y : Pier Books ; Florence, Or. : Dupont Communications, 2007.

Jim Newman. 250 great R/C marine tips [Wilton, CT : Air Age, 1991]

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Kelvin Holmes. A guide to waterline model ships. Malvern : Traplet, 2010.

A W Schairbaum. A marine glossary: for the ship modeler. Granbury, Tex. : AWS Creations, 1991.

William Hovgaard. A model of the Christianus Quintus, first three-decker in the Danish navy. [Cambridge, Mass., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1930]

A Richard Mansir. A modeller's guide to rigging. Dana Point, CA (24452B Alta Vista, Dana Point 92629) : Moonraker Publications, 1981.

Winthrop Pratt. A notebook for ship model builders. Fort Lee, N. J. : Model Shipways, 1950

George P B Naish; National Ma. A picture book of ship-models, London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1953.

Henry Bridenbecker; A Richard. A scratch modeler's log. Fallbrook, Calif. : Aero Publishers, 1984.

John Lewis. A ship modeller's logbook. London, P. Marshall [1950]

John Langford Bowen. A ship modelmaker's manual. New York: Arco Pub., 1982.

Tyrrel E Biddle. A treatise on the construction, rigging, & handling of model yachts, ships & steamers: with remarks on cruising & racing yachts, and the management of open boats: also lines for various models and a cutter yacht London: Norie & Wilson, 1883.

Brian King. Advanced ship modelling. Poole, Dorset: Special Interest Model Books, 2003, 2000.

Arthur Ward. Airfix : celebrating 50 years of the greatest modelling kits in the world London: Collins, 2003.

Trevor Pask. Airfix kits Oxford: Shire, 2010.

Charles Chapman. All about ships: and the way to make models of them. The life and duties of a sailor; with illustrations in section of a China clipper of 1869, and description of her outfit and cargo. Also, A dictionary of modern sea terms [London]: Printed and sold by Edward Colyer ... and by the Author, [1869]

V R Grimwood. American ship models and how to build them. New York, Bonanza Books [1942]

John R Stevens. An account of the construction and embellishment of old time ships Toronto: The Author, 1949.

Hans Jürgen Hansen; E H H. Art and the seafarer; a historical survey of the arts and crafts of sailors and shipwrights. New York, Viking Press [1968]

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Donald C Peabody. Ballast determination from a model sailboat [S. I.] : [SNAME], [19--]

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Derek Head. Bassett-Lowke: waterline ship models London: Golden Age Editions, 1996.

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William Mowll. Building a working model warship: HMS Warrior 1860 Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, 1997.

George F Campbell. Building and detailing model sailing ships: an aid to understanding and modelling the structures and fittings of the sailing ships of yesteryear Watford: Model and Allied Publications, 1978.

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