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Plans by Mike John

Rustic Model Boats

Here you'll find indexes to model and full size boat plans in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. There are indexes to free full size boat plans on the Internet which can be scaled to make model boats.


This site will save you lots of time searching for plans. Some people have even rediscovered toys from their past much to their delight. Perhaps you have a child in your family that would light up with delight when they get one of these projects.


Made something from these pages? Please send us a picture or a link to your youtube video.

There is a comprehensive bibliography of model boat books and links to model boat sites.


How do you Print the projects?


You can zoom to see more detail of the page. The full screen button is upper left.

Hit the Print Screen (prtsc) button on your PC to copy the page of the project and then paste (use ctrl and V at the same time) the image into Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop or like for trimming and print out. From there you use Cutepdf or like to print to pdf.


Indexes - Free Model Boat Plans

Indexes - Free Full-Size Boat Plans